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A simple, morning hydration mix, optimized to hydrate you rapidly. Lightly flavored with real fruit juice = subtle, refreshing taste. Up to 3x the electrolytes of a traditional sports drink.

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Dehydration and Sunburns: How Hydration Can Help

What’s not to love about summer? The warm weather, beach trips, and the longer days are just some of the great joys of the season. While we can protect ourselves from the sun’s ultraviolet light by wearing sunscreen, clothes, and finding shade, we still may get burned during these sunnier months. So it’s helpful to understand the important relationship between hydration and sunburns. 

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Science Lesson: Hydration & Plants

Our co-founder John, a.k.a. the Oxford scientist behind our rapid hydration mixes, developed an easy science lesson for you and your kids to try at home. We take household vegetables and use them to learn even more about the hydration process happening in our bodies. 

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Which Hydration Powder is Best?

Hydration powders help you feel better by making water easier for the body to absorb. This article compares top options by cost, flavor and effectiveness.

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The Best Drinks to Replenish Electrolytes [A Guide]

The best electrolyte drink for you will depend on your activity, body type, tastes and more. Here are your best options for replenishing electrolytes.

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What Are Electrolytes, Exactly?

You hear about drinks that contain electrolytes all the time. But what are they, exactly? And why do they matter? We explain.

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How Much Water Should You Drink? Why “8 Glasses Per Day” Isn’t The Answer

How much water you should drink varies by your size, activity level, and more. While studies conflict, here are the guidelines most agree upon.

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