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Sodium and Hydration

Why you need Sodium in your electrolyte drink to rehydrate, and how Sodium plays a role in making Hydrant the fastest way to rehydrate.  We delve into the science so you can draw your own conclusions.

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Does sugar hydrate you?

There’s the obvious function which is to give you an easy supply of energy after physically exerting yourself, which is why sports drinks and other hydration powders have a high sugar content. But Hydrant has roughly a third of the sugar in sports drinks, so that’s not what we’re going for.

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Why Hydrant is low sugar hydration, but not zero calories

Sugar is the enemy right now, it’s been compared to cocaine for addictiveness, and to smoking and alcohol for health impact.
There’s no doubt that sugar represents too large a proportion of the average American’s diet, and that overconsumption of sugar is bad for you in a number of ways.

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Are Superfoods Really Super?

Hydrant is NOT a superfood
‘Superfood’ trends happen all the time: one minute, there’s a food you’ve never heard of, the next minute it’s in everything: recipes, snacks, drinks etc. Then, once the research has been done, we find out that food is actually not all that special.

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Obsessing over taste: how ORS should taste

Hydrant exists because other effective hydration products, like ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) and Pediatric drinks, taste pretty awful. They often contain diet sweeteners, too much sugar and have a syrupy texture.
If Hydrant tasted bad, even with the other improvements we’ve added it would not be a great product. So we doubled down on flavor in a big way starting with a poll of our target market on our first flavor:

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Does Caffeine Dehydrate you?

Part of our commitment to you is to clearly explain the science behind our products in terms that are easy to understand. Academia hasn’t always been great at communicating their research to the rest of the population, so we’d like to be your guides in hydration science.

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