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Dehydration During Pregnancy

Are you dealing with dehydration during pregnancy? Are you unsure of what dehydration looks like or how to cope with it? Outlined in this article are potential signs of dehydration to watch for, as well as some tips on how to manage them.

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Dehydration and Weight Gain

When weight gain happens, most people blame their diet or a lack of exercise; but there are other issues to consider as well, such as hydration. Can dehydration cause weight gain? In some cases, yes. If you’re interested in learning more about this potential connection, read on for more information.

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immunity & wellness

Zinc and Immune Support

Let’s take a little time to talk about Zinc (Zn). Sure, you’ve probably heard of it—it’s an element on the periodic table. But what does it really mean for your immune system? In this article, we dive deep into the history of Zinc and its important role in providing ongoing immune support. 

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Dehydration at High-Altitudes: What to Do & How to Help 

It’s common to deal with dehydration when you spend time at altitudes that are higher than what you’re used to. There are also lots of steps you can do to make the adjustment easier and remain comfortable. Read on as we have outlined the ultimate guide to hydration at different elevations.

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How to Overcome Late-Round Golf Fatigue

While playing golf may not require as much physical energy as a sport like basketball or football, fatigue can set in during a full-length golf game as 18 holes take an average of four hours to complete. We're going to unpack some tips you can take to avoid late-round golf fatigue by discussing what to do before, during, and post-golf. Ready to get started? One great first step is to objectively evaluate your game history. Let’s dive in! 

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food & drinks

What is Monk Fruit?

Monk fruit extract is an alternative natural sweetener used in food & beverages, derived from the monk fruit. In this article, we break down the history of monk fruit, discuss monk fruit extract compared to other natural sweeteners, and reflect on the pros and cons of monk fruit. 

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