60-Second Lessons...Stronger Core for More Firm Hits, Greater Mobility

Welcome to the first weekly edition of "60 Second Lesson." This is a newsletter that will share skills, drills and exercises that can improve your pickleball game and keep you healthy! Each week is a new highlight that can be done solo, with bodyweight and/or walls. We're excited to show up in your inbox and help take your pickleball game to the next level. We'll keep these brief, so let's get to it!

Today's 60 Second Lesson is by Daniel J Howard, Certified Instructor, Pickleball Pro and former Personal Trainer. He comes to us from Southern mid-Michigan. 

Daniel is demonstrating a basic crunch, which is a great core strengthening exercise that can help alleviate some of the lower back pain that pickleballers sometimes encounter.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make sure you're activating upper and lower abs
  • DON'T fully relax/rest between each rep
  • DON'T swing your neck, keep the pressure in your abs
  • Easier: Put your hands on your chest, lightening the lift load
  • Harder: Cross one leg over the other, adding pressure to your core
  • 3-4 days a week, start with 12 reps and increase as possible


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