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Founder story

Early years

When I was sick to my stomach as a child, my Mom would give me these disgusting rehydration packets that made me feel a lot better.

Years later, at Oxford, a Medical student friend used those same hydration packs after our rugby games, and after nights at the bar. Curious.


Fast forward again to Silicon Valley, I found myself getting worn out. Between work, working out, socializing and sleep I just couldn't keep up.

It turns out, fatigue is the primary symptom of dehydration. And my lifestyle was dehydrating.

You can't show up to work sipping a neon baby drink (America's answer to those gross hydration packs), even though it's effective (albeit gross). So I designed a super effective product, without the fluff, that tasted better.

Diving into the world of beverages was eye opening for me as a scientist. There's a lot of overlap with supplements, and frankly, there's a lot of snake oil.

Our Philosophy

So Hydrant is founded on a core belief: the most effective products are the simplest.

To us, simple means:

  1. Minimum ingredients, maximum function. We don’t have a long list of obscure vitamins and fillers, instead we focus on what works.
  2. Our products must be easy to use, and "just work".
  3. Where possible, we use natural ingredients. As long as this doesn’t compromise function.

We make beautifully simple, brutally effective products. No overpromising. No BS.