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The Science

Evidence Based

Our philosophy with our products is to never overpromise. We make simple, effective products that do exactly what they claim to do, no more, no less.

Part of that philosophy is basing our product decisions on rigorous evidence. We won't make a product based on research from just a single study, or even from just ten studies. Instead, we work with well researched topics where the scientific community has reached a consensus on any given ingredient.

We don't deal in trendy - not that there's anything wrong with trendy necessarily - but we want customers to know that they can rely on our products to do exactly what they need them to do, when they need them. No fluffy claims about whatever's "hot right now".

Scientific Advisory Team

Our scientific advisors help us to create the best possible products. They bring decades of deep medical, nutrition and scientific experience to the team.

Dr Michael Ford

Dr. Ford has been practicing internal medicine for 10 years. Prior to becoming a physician, he worked as a biochemist and microbiologist for 10 years. He has been a long-distance runner for over 20 years.

The science and critical importance of hydration have always fascinated Dr. Ford, and he has longed for a simple, science-based solution that he could use for himself and recommend to his patients.

Dr. Ford is thrilled to lend his clinical and athletic experience to Hydrant's products. These days, when not seeing patients, Dr. Ford can be found running in Rockefeller Park, usually carrying Hydrant along with him.

Heidi Skolnik


Considered a thought leader in nutrition, Heidi has influenced millions through
her media work, writing and thriving consulting business. Her company, Nutrition
Conditioning, oversees the Sports Nutrition program at The Juilliard School
and the School of American Ballet and has consulted with numerous Broadway
Shows, as well as with movie and TV actors.

Prior, Heidi worked with the The NY Knicks Basketball Team (7 years), NY Giants Football team (18 years), the NY Mets Baseball organization (15 years) and has worked with the NHL, MLS, WNBA, Olympic competitors, professional cyclists, marathoners, and collegiate athletes.