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The Problem:

Your routine is dehydrating you

This leaves you feeling less than perfect - do these sound familiar?




Existing hydration options don't cut it:

No electrolytes! Still always good to drink, but sometimes it's not enough alone.
Sports Drinks
High sugar content, wrong electrolyte balance for fast absorption
Coconut Water
Sugary, and wrong electrolyte balance for your body. Loads of Potassium, but barely any Sodium
Pediatric "-lyte" drinks
Packed with artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. Gross tasting.

The Solution:

stripped down, effective hydration

Hydrant has the potency of a pediatric drink found in the baby aisle of your pharmacy, with balanced electrolytes to hydrate you fully and fast.

Simple, effective hydration that you can rely on.

Anytime, anywhere.