You're dehydrated. So were we.

Fast, effective hydration for use after intense exercise, drinking alcohol or stomach flu.

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Designed for rapid absorption

It’s a simple formula: painstakingly balanced electrolytes, a bit of sugar and light natural flavor.

Life is dehydrating

Whether you’re planning your next presentation or your next Insta-story, daily routines can be dehydrating. Fatigue and lack of focus are some of the signs of poor hydration that can get in between you and your plans.

Function first, no fluff

Hydrant helps you take care of the basics, so you can focus
on what really matters. We believe in good science. 

Don't just take our word for it

“Hydrant is portable and easy to use, without compromising on taste.”

"Tastes better than coconut water."

“Chefs hydration is key in a hot kitchen. We’ve struggled
to find an effective product that also delivers on taste. Hydrant did both,
and will be a staple in our kitchen!”

"I spend a lot of time on airplanes.  I tried adding Hydrant to my flying routine and I felt less of that post-flight daze I normally get."

"I felt sharper at work when I tried Hydrant. It's not like caffeine's edge and buzz, just a clear focus."

Where to find Hydrant

Hydrant can be bought right here on our website.  It can also be found at select WeWork locations as part of WeMRKT, and at local deli's and grocery stores around New York City.