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A great pick me up

I've started to keep a few packets of Hydrant in my backpack and it's been pretty handy after a long flight, on a hot day, or after a long night. It tastes pretty much like homemade lemonade and actually makes for a good mixer.

Hydrant 24oz Aluminum Bottle

10-Pack Hydrant

10-Pack Hydrant

10-Pack Hydrant

Great product!!!

Love the product and it shipped surprisingly fast!!!! Will be ordering again

Definitely refreshing

So the first thing I noticed was it tasted exactly like Nimbu Pani which is a salty lemonade they give you in Indian airplanes that is to hydrate you! What a refreshing taste of childhood but I was skeptical about hydration however I am prescribed a diuretic medication and this literally had me bouncing like a Fresh grape and had me feeling hydrated instead of parched!

It actually works + tastes good

You will never be thirsty again at night and in the morning

I never knew I needed this until I had it

I love Hydrant!! It's slowly brining me back to life, especially in the midst of finals season when I find myself forgetting to drink water and chugging coffees left and right. Thank you thank you thank you!!

10-Pack Hydrant

Into it

I recently made the mistake of having a boozy dinner on a Monday night, and two Hydrants before bed completely made my Tuesday: I woke up kicking myself and bracing for a rough day, but got to work feeling surprisingly solid and energized. I'd describe the taste as somewhat utilitarian, but I kind of like that — it's a lot less sweet than other electrolyte mixes I’ve tried, so I don't feel like I'm chugging sugar. Also: The same friend who introduced me to Hydrant drinks it in place of an afternoon cup of coffee, which I'm all about. Planning to try that next!

Perfect pre-bed drink

Whether I'm drinking or not, take a cup of this before bed and I feel great in the morning.

AMAZING for that afternoon pick me up!

I was trying to get off that 3-4 PM coffee for YEARS because I knew that drinking coffee at that time was causing me adrenal fatigue issues and gave me tons of trouble at bedtime! I have a packet of this during the week around 3-4 PM and get an INSTANT energy boost and feel amazing the rest of the day. Not only am I coming off my supplements for adrenal fatigue, I get so much work done between those hours I am blown away. I also love that I am falling asleep like a normal person now! Thank you drink hydrant for saving us!

Saved me on Vacation

I LOVE this product. HIGHLY recommend. Great, not to sweet or strong taste. Easy to travel with.

I can safely say it works EVEN when you are severely dehydrated and drinking tons of coco locos in Cartagena.

great design

Its a great bottle. Light weight but durable and the closure on top is excellent. .

Carly's Review

Great taste, refreshing. Perfect post-Halloween thirst-quencher

Hydrant = staple

I use Hydrant after a long run, a social weekend, or if I'm starting to feel the slightest bit fatigued. It's become a staple in my pantry and I'm stoked they offer the automatic ordering every 90 days!

Probably the best hydration mix in the market

I regularly take it in the morning, afternoon, and in the evening. Not only great for workout but also awesome for fulfilling general hydration needs for health purposes. I enjoy drinking water now!

Great to help those dehydration headaches

Who would have thought a single pack would be this beneficial! My headaches are almost non existent during the week! I realized I wasn’t drinking enough and hydrant really helped especially with their extra benefits. It’s not super sweet or has any dye like Gatorade - I’m happy about that. My skin is also looking better! Thanks hydrant for allowing me to try these and share with the people I know. I am really pleased with your products.

30-Pack Hydrant

Highest quality

Probably the highest quality water bottle I have.

My go to drink in the morning

Better morning = better day! I like to drink it in the morning instead of high caffeinated espresso shots. Feels great to be hydrated when needed the most.

Ultimate hydration!!!

Hydrant is amazing! I love the lime taste and the all natural ingredients, but especially how replenished this makes me feel after being sick or even a tough workout. Would reccommend to college students, athletes, and adventure-seekers alike!

I love this! Great after a workout! I also got the Flu and this kept me hydrated.

Amazing and uplifting!

This is hands down the best hydration product on the market! The perfect mix of everything you need to stay hydrated and pumped after any workout! This is hands down a must, don’t miss out on this.