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Great for POTS

Well made mixture helps with some dehydration related symptoms related to POTS.

Solid product

Hydrates well taste is just ok. Two packs is better for taste. Did feel more alert and energised after taking which was an unexpected surprise.

Excellent-tasting and effective oral rehydration solution

I have been drinking rapid hydration solutions at the suggestion of my doctor for headaches, digestive issues, and muscle twitching (basically, symptoms of dehydration). Hydrant is both extremely effective at controlling my symptoms and quite tasty. Definitely the best-tasting rapid hydration mix I've tried - it's much less sweet than its competitors that use non-nutritive sweeteners; the lime flavor is really good, and the grapefruit flavor reminds me of Pocari Sweat.

Much better than sugary sport drinks!

I’m so happy that I found this product. It is much better than other sport drinks. Less sugar and I feel better hydrated after working out.

Jury still out

I like the product, grapefruit flavor especially. Still haven’t decided how beneficial it is to my health.

Gives a nice kick

I definitely felt refreshed and an energy boost every time I have taken hydrant so far. I utilize this in playing sports, so far so good.

Great Product

I was skeptical that Hydrant could live up to its claims, but I have gone through a pack and REORDERED 2 more packs because it helped me stay hydrated. Great product, I would highly recommend giving it a shot.


Good stuff, not sweet or overpowering

Little Big Things

Hydrant is one of those ‘little big things’ that make all the difference between a good and bad day at work for me. I drink hydrant first thing in the morning to get my brain going as well as in the evening before a workout. This product has become part of my daily routine. I would recommend to anyone.


Tastes good, refreshing, feel more energetic after drinking 2 in the morning. Will be buying more


Tastes good, really works too!

This stuff works. Amazing.

I have been using this stuff for a couple of years now and it works. I have tried many brands and Hydrants seems to stand out in a crowded space. Highly recommend.

I like this product

I most like that the ingredients are few and don't have unpronounceable names indicating synthetic manufacture. The order took about a week to arrive (kinda slow), but shipping was free, so I'm not complaining about that. The taste is wonderful (lemon/lime); they sent a sample grapefruit which also is pretty good. (Still prefer lemon/lime.) My only wish is that it dissolved a bit better. I keep pouring water in, stirring madly, then trying to drink up fast before the granules sink to the bottom. I always lose this battle. OK, so it makes me drink LOTS of water to get it all down. But now I am reducing the amount of water with which I mix in the first place, so I can do the several "reloads" to get the most granules down; probably total about 10 ounces when all is said and done.

Great Product!

I've tried a bunch of these and this one is the best! Great taste, but without all the extra sugar that most of the other choices have. Highly Recommend!

Works like a Charm

It almost tastes like a watered-down Gatorade but with way more benefits. I feel great and even had co-workers try it who said "I had 4 beers and didn't have my usual hangover the next day".

Hydration Mix

Proof that I've been drinking water wrong

I never knew I was continually dehydrated -- probably from all the coffee and dry air in the office -- until I added Hydrant to my daily routine. One cup of Hydrant keeps me hydrated, energized, and focused throughout the day. As a bonus, Hydrant helps with unlocking my skin's natural glow. I am a believer now.

Hydration Mix

Hydration Mix


So far I love it

Hydration Mix

Perfect - Gatorade with low sugar and no sucralose

Lime flavor is mild and pleasant, just enough sugar to be palatable.

Good Product

Good taste. Only issue I have is the only time I use this is when I’m working out, and need more water for consumption. According to the directions I would need two packets for 16oz of water. Meaning I went from a 30 day supply to now 15 day supply.

Love it!


This is a tasty and refreshing hydration mix that dissolves quickly. It's easily portable and mixes smoothly in your water bottle. I'm not a 'fan' of water so it really helps me drink more of what I really need!

Stronger than water.     --     Never run dry.     --     Make water work better.     --     Electrolytning in a bottle.     --     A healthy mind is a hydrated one.     --     Travel (electro)lyte.     --     Mix it with your lifestyle.     --     Get more from your water.     --     Drink more water without drinking more water.     --     Give everyday your best shot.     --     Never have an off day.     --