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Far exceeded my expectations for the product, will be ordering more in the future!

Simple, clean, transparent ingredients!

Not too high on sugar. Simple ingredients with refreshing taste! Goes great with carbonated water, too!

Love these!

Big fan and will be buying more!


Purchased the product twice already and very satisfied with it.
Smooth and natural flavor. Super fast shipping!
Highly recommended.

Miracle product

Miracle product

Amazing product!

I’ve tried so many different products over the years and I am so glad I found Hydrant. I also love the company’s mission after reading the “About us” page. I will be a customer of Hydrant for life!

Life changing product

Drink 1 glass of Hydrant and 1 glass of collagen every day and you'll amp up your skin's natural glow in just a few days. Also, 1 pack of Hydrant was all I needed for a 3-hour hike in Bear Mountain. Best hydration I've ever gotten.

Great product

1-week in to drinking Hydrant daily and can already feel the difference. once you Hydrant, you never go back! will definitely be ordering more when my supply runs out.

Glow glow glow

I consider myself a skincare snob, but figured that "nutricosmetics" could take my skin to the next level. 1 packet of Hydrant, combined with 1 pack of collagen peptides (Type II and III) has my face looking like pure joy and pure bounce. Highly recommend for those who don't drink enough water or who are looking for a holistic approach to wellness.

Just what i was looking for!

I just bought my first hydrant and I will have to order second pack. It makes me feel refreshed and helps me to stay in my best condition in office.

Makes me feel 100%

Taste is refreshing and the effect is awesome. The product is easy to use and mix but most importantly it keeps me hydrated and ready for the day ahead. Great job guys, definitely will be ordering more!

First Purchase

Thought the packaging could be better - it’s a little crude right now imo.

Thanks for the feedback - we're currently working on our next version of packaging, so keep an eye out!
Love it!

Cured my hangover better than other products I've tried on the market. Highly rec!

Mr. Chapped Lips

I've had chapped lips all my life. Not saying Hydrant gets rid of chapped lips, but I felt distinctly rejuvenated day to day after trying Hydrant (roughly 2 weeks). Less chappy lips, longer morning runs, and feel overall wholesome in health. Love the taste, although it took a few packets to grow on me. Has a nice smooth texture akin to fresh coconut water.

Solid product. Highly recommended.

Motorcycling with Hydrant

"Not being on social media, wanted to offer my experience from a recent 3,000 mile motorcycle trip:

I thought Hydrant would be helpful on my summer rides and this 3k+ miles confirmed it. Temps in high '90s and I was going through three packs a day. Tired yes, dehydrated - not that I felt. At one stop another rider approached me and went on to tell me how he'd just slept 18 hrs, subsequently realizing how badly dehydrated he'd become. He's 76! Gave him a few packs to help with return ride to MN.
Riding a 1300cc sport tourer in TX, with fully faired engine, dehydrates you very quickly. I'll never travel again without the peace of mind of Hydrant in my tank bag."

George D.

Incredible results

I'm addicted to this product. It tastes amazing and I always have one before my workouts. Highly recommend trying this!

hydrant 1st time user

Overall, I really liked the product. It tasted great and the packaging was sleek. Only feedback would be to clarify benefits in a more quantifiable way. Other than that the 8 ounce portion was confusing. My friends kept pouring into a 16 oz water bottle out of natural habit which diluted the taste.


I am using Hydrant after long drinking nights and it helps me feel way better when I wake up. Taste is good, I recommend!

Consistent effect

Consistent effect

Perfect but expensive

I loved the hydration packs. The flavor was great and not too sweet like others I’ve had before - no fake sugar after taste. The price point is the only thing keeping me from being a repeat costumer.

An awesome way to stay top of your game

Delicious, easy to use sachets that have a noticeable impact on my day - couldn't ask for more!

It's like Pedialyte, for adults

Love the taste

I love this bottle!

I probably would have never ordered this if I didn't lose my water bottle, but I'm so glad I did. I'm honestly shocked how many compliments I get on it, especially being a branded bottle. It's super high quality, easy to clean and never leaks or spills. I came from a Swell bottle and I won't be looking back.

Great quality, beautiful design

Love this lightweight bottle! Looking forward to not buying plastic any more!

Light and refreshing

Just the right balance of citrus and sweet to take the edge off summer’s swelter!

Glad you liked it Diane - thanks for reviewing!