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Fit by February: The Best No Gym Workouts You Need This Month

Tomorrow is New Years Day, which means that gyms will get even more crowded with flocks of people determined to make good on their New Year’s workout resolutions. You’ll see people carrying anything from regular water bottles to those gallon jugs to stay hydrated as they turn the gym into a sweaty swamp. 

Yeah, we don’t think the gym sounds like the best workout setting, either. Additionally, most New Year’s workout resolutions are seen as chores, and aren’t realistic enough. Too intense of an exercise routine, too monotonous of a schedule, and too many hours spent lifting weights combine for an unattainable plan for most people. It’s frustrating to look in a mirror after a month of hardcore gym training and think to yourself: Dang, I’ve put in so much time and I don’t look that much better or fitter. Unless you’re of the patient and committed type, you’ll probably be among the 80% of people whose New Year’s resolutions crash and burn by the second week of February.

Fit by February: gym

Our advice? You need to really enjoy the workouts. If you don’t like the noise and the stench of a public gym, don’t even step foot into one. Mold your schedule so that you look forward to exercising, or at least so that you don’t despise it. Maybe you plan all your workouts so that they can be done outside. Plus, exercising outdoors does wonders for your mental health. Benefits of being outside include increases in happiness, concentration, and Vitamin D levels.

So you can get your beach body ready by February without hitting the dreaded gym, we’ve created a list of the absolute best no-gym workouts that you can do whenever you want. You’ll have to remain focused—as getting fit in a month requires dedication no matter your strategy –but these are popular exercises you can do to tone up and shed those pounds.


1. The Burpee. A classic exercise of the workout world, the Burpee will get your blood flowing in no time. You can do Burpees anytime, anywhere.


2. Wall Sits. This one will activate your core and fire up your glutes. Make sure to keep your legs at a 90-degree angle so that your thighs are parallel with the ground.


3. Push Ups. Another staple exercise. Do about 5 sets until failure and you’ll see your chest muscles and triceps beginning to tone. If it gets to easy, try adding weights to your back.


4. Running. You’ve seen those super-fit runners decked out head-to-toe in gear: neon clothing, Nike sneakers, headphones, and phone armbands. You don’t have to be training for a marathon, but going for a 15-minute run around the neighborhood once or twice a day will cut some fat as well as greatly improve your health and mindset.


5. Stairs Training. Want to get a more intense leg workout? Find a flight of stairs and try this: in 30 seconds, go up and down once followed by air squats. Repeat for 10 rounds.


Fit by February running stairs


6. Core Training. Find a comfortable, preferably soft surface. Do a combination of planks, side planks, sit ups, bicycle kicks, and leg lifts. 10 minutes without rest each day will shape those abs very quickly.


7. Hike or Bike. An hour of either of these workouts will get you sweaty, tone your legs, and burn some serious calories.


fit by February: climbing


8. Free Weights. If you want to pack on some muscle in your upper body, consider purchasing a set of dumbbells or a pair of adjustable weight dumbbells (which is cheaper). Do everything from bicep curls and standing overhead shoulder press to one-arm rows and weighted crunches.


9. Hydration. Not quite a workout, but staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do while exercising. Without hydration, you may feel light headed, weaker, less flexible, and more prone to injury—put simply, you won’t get the most out of your workout.

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