Hydrant x ATF

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with The Adaptive Training Foundation. Together, we celebrate hydration and exercise as keystone habits to unlock everybody’s true potential. 

Hydrant x ATF - exercising physically impaired

With every product sold, we support ATF’s global mission to empower individuals with physical or traumatic impairments through exercise, community, and hydration. ATF was founded by David Vobora, a former NFL linebacker, to empower people with physical impairments to maximize their capabilities and redefine their futures through exercise and community. Their dedicated roster of trainers helps adaptive athletes maximize their potential, rather than focusing on the limitations. 

"Partnering with Hydrant is a perfect fit for ATF and we are beyond excited to provide inclusive wellness solutions to optimize our everyday needs in hydration,” says Vobra. “This product is critical for all-people and the Hydrant team is committed to using proceeds from product sales to support the cost-free training programs ATF provides for adaptive athletes across the world." 

Hydrant x ATF - hydration exercise

Maximizing one's potential is a concept familiar to us at Hydrant, where we prioritize unlocking health and wellness routines through a functional foundation of hydration. Building a keystone habit rooted in hydration, ATF athletes and Hydrant consumers alike are set up to maximize their energy and own their day again and again. 

Healthy habits start with identifying that core “anchor” or keystone habit to create a flywheel of health and wellness from it. By prioritizing their hydration levels, ATF students, trainers, and alums, can check off one box to empowering themselves through a strong routine.

Hydrant x ATF - hydrant variety pack

We couldn’t be prouder to support ATF and further their incredible mission. Onwards and upwards.