Results from Our Lab Study
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Hydration Institute White Paper: Results from Our Lab Study

Here at Hydrant, you know how much we emphasize the importance of science-backed research and how it relates back to staying hydrated (hydration is, after all, the core of what we do). To look further into the effects of Hydrant and general hydration, we conducted a lab study to see how Hydrant might help clinically increase hydration. The results were positive, and more research is needed to continue to back our findings. Let’s take a look at the results.



Importance of Hydration

Hydration impacts every aspect of our daily lives—how we feel, concentrate at work, and our overall health. And yet, an estimated 75% percent of Americans are dehydrated which can lead to lost productivity and mental fatigue [1]. Untreated, dehydration can cause impairments to mood, diminished cognition, loss of sleep, and lower quality of life [2] [3]. Because the brain is 80% water, changes in electrolyte balance are quickly detected by osmoreceptors resulting in changes to heart rate, blood pressure, and neuroendocrine hormones. Striking the right electrolyte balance has been shown to increase activity in the hypothalamus region of the brain, which is associated with mental stress, mood, and brain function [7] [8].

Unfortunately, most commercially available products fail to improve hydration and can have unhealthy additives like large quantities of sugar. It’s clear there is a need for an effective hydration product that also contributes to one’s overall wellbeing and wellness goals. 

That’s where we come in. We created our signature products (beginning with our Hydrate line) to rapidly replenish essential electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc), thus quickly rehydrating drinkers. Research suggests that this blend of salts and electrolytes—when combined with an optimal amount of sugar—may clinically reduce dehydration and rehydrate consumers while reducing mental fatigue [4]. While research conducted used products from our Hydrate line, it is worth noting that we also have a No Added Sugar option for those with lowered or no-sugar lifestyles or diets.


What did we test? 

To better understand how Hydrant might help clinically increase one’s hydration levels, we conducted a small, randomized, double-blind laboratory at a single site. The Substitutes for Water InvestiGation (SWIG) study protocol was reviewed and approved by the IntegReview institutional review board (IRB) and was overseen and reviewed by physicians and scientists. Though small, the results here lay the foundation for future testing into the overall benefits of Hydrant as an effective hydration product. 

In setting up our research, eligible and healthy applicants between the ages of 20 and 64 were screened and recruited to participate in our lab study. Fifteen adult male and female participants with a BMI </= 30kg/m2 and no significant medical conditions were enrolled. Exclusion criteria were obesity, current pregnancy, current habitual user of tobacco or alcohol, certain disease history, and allergies, currently ill, or on any fluid altering medications. Participants received written informed consent and were randomized into two groups: water placebo or the SWIG group. In advance of the study, participants completed two surveys assessing their lifestyle and beverage intake and were asked to fast 8 hours in advance of the clinical testing. Once on-site, the study took place over 4 hours and included multiple laboratory tests. 

As part of the test, participants were given 30 minutes to drink 1 liter of water (placebo) or the solution with Hydrant (SWIG). Throughout the four hours, body measurements including heart rate, blood pressure, weight, specific gravity [5], and bioelectric impedance (BIA) [6] were collected at baseline (0 hours), mid-point (2 hours), and the end of the study (4 hours). Additional exploratory end-point laboratory measurements including urinalysis, urine volume, blood viscosity, and basic metabolic panel were collected at 0, 2, and 4 hours. Participants were monitored over 4 hours and asked to also complete qualitative surveys through their time participating. The results were then evaluated using descriptive statistics and the Student’s t-Test. 


The Results are In

Wondering what we discovered? When compared to the placebo, 66% of the SWIG group (N=6) showed an improvement in bioelectrical impedance, the rate at which an electrical current can travel through the body, when measured against those drinking water (N=9). Drinking Hydrant led to a > 2x increase in hydration versus placebo with the majority of Hydrant users (83%) reporting a decrease in thirst. Due to the small sample size of this pilot study, this effect did not reach statistical significance (p > 0.05) and more research is needed. However, we’re thrilled with the initial results of how Hydrant is not only hydrating but allows people to feel less thirsty over time. We’re excited to keep testing into this and help our customers achieve their hydration and wellness goals.  

With and Without Hydrant Chart

Charts showing the % change of bioimpedance over time (hours). 



What did we learn? Well, our single-site randomized, double-blind study shows that Hydrant is effective in supporting a rapid delivery of hydration in consumers. Over 80% of those drinking Hydrant reported less thirst after their period of fasting, which is great news for those tackling dehydration. These results, though preliminary, suggest that Hydrant rapidly increases electrolyte balance thus setting the stage for additional studies. 

Our single-site randomized, double-blind study demonstrates that Hydrant is effective in rapid hydration delivery and enhancement. With results of over 80% reported less thirst after drinking Hydrant, we’re excited to continue to push forward and ideate more on products to support our customer’s hydration needs. 

Optimal hydration has been proven to increase focus and metabolic energy levels and we’re excited to share that Hydrant helped to rapidly hydrate a small group of everyday consumers. Our optimized ingredient blend is designed to help water absorb quickly into your bloodstream, keeping you feeling, and performing at your best! These findings suggest a broader opportunity to effectively reduce dehydration and understand the impact of dehydration on everyday life, which we for one can’t wait to tackle next. 




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