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Which Electrolyte Hydration Powder is Best?

What’s inside a hydration powder?

Hydration powders are drink mixes that contain salts, glucose, and electrolytes. This combination enables your body to deliver hydration to your bloodstream more efficiently and quickly than drinking water or sports drinks.

A growing number of brands are making hydration powders—notably Liquid I.V., as well as our brand, Hydrant.  



How do hydration powders work?


Most of these drink mixes are based on the science behind oral rehydration solutions (ORS)—a lifesaving tool used by the World Health Organization. [1]

Just like hydration powders, an ORS is a blend of sugar and electrolytes. When this specific ratio of sodium, glucose, and potassium are mixed with water, it speeds up the rate of osmosis within the body. 

The transfer of water and electrolytes from the stomach into the body is called cellular transport by some. (Here’s a video explaining cellular transport.

However you want to label it, the result is the same: The combination allows water to move from your stomach into your bloodstream more quickly. This means you feel the positive effects of hydration (decreased thirst, increased alertness, greater satiety, etc.) faster. 



Why and when should I use a hydration powder?

Research indicates that many people experience chronic dehydration every day, whether they are aware of it or not. Signs of mild chronic dehydration include:

  • foggy thinking
  • moodiness
  • fatigue
  • headache
  • overheating
  • dizziness
  • thirst or dry mouth
  • dry skin, eyes, or lips
  • changes in urination frequency 

A hydration powder helps resolve these symptoms more quickly by doubling or tripling the rate at which your body can put the water you consume to use. Some also contain B vitamins, like B3 and B6, which provide additional health benefits.  And where sports drinks are laden with excess calories, hydration powders contain significantly fewer calories per serving (see chart below). 

The right time to use a hydration powder depends on your personal preferences. Good options include: 

    • First thing in the morning, to get your hydration on track
    • Before, during or after a workout
    • During travel (airplanes are very dehydrating) 
    • When ill (illnesses and fever drain your body of fluids and electrolytes) 
    • Whenever you’re thirsty 



    Are hydration powders safe?—What about side effects?

    Proper hydration can be helpful for smoother skin, better strength and performance, increased focus and attention, faster workout recovery, increased energy, and reduced stress and anxiety.

    To date, there has been no research indicating any safety or health issues related to hydration powders. Meanwhile, the “side effects”—if you can call them that—of better hydration are all positive, and include: 

    • Smoother, more vibrant skin
    • Increased focus and concentration
    • Better workouts
    • Quicker recovery after workouts
    • Increased energy
    • Reduced stress and anxiety



    Which hydration powder is best? has a just-the-facts breakdown of the five big hydration powder brands. Here’s a comparison of the top two hydration powders available today: 

    Hydrant [3]

    Liquid IV [4]

    30-pack for $29.99 ($1 per pack, based on subscription pricing)

    32-pack for $40.00 ($1.25 per pack, based on subscription pricing)

    3-6 grams of sugar per packet* (*Note: Varies by flavor)

    11 grams of sugar per packet* (*Note, may vary by flavor)

    Based on the standard set [1] by the World Health Organization

    Based on the standard set [1] by the World Health Organization



    Sources: Hydrant [3] and Liquid IV [4]. Accessed 13 October, 2020

    Full disclosure: Hydrant is the maker of a rapid rehydration mix. We’ve endeavored to ensure all of the data in this article is up to date and accurate.


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