Introducing our Hydrant x Y7 Studio Collab

Introducing our Hydrant x Y7 Studio Collab

Inhale, exhale. We’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with Y7 Studio, a fitness studio specializing in sweat dripping, beat bumping, candlelit yoga. Its mission is to break down traditional barriers of yoga, making the practice more accessible and inclusive. With both online and in-studio classes, their signature music-driven practice uses the beat of the music to encourage students to go deeper into their practice.

In celebration of our collab, we sat down with Melanie Miracolo, their Director of Retail, to chat more about this exciting announcement! 

Melanie Miracolo



What makes the Hydrant x Y7 partnership unique? How did the partnership change during the pandemic? 

Hydrant and Y7 Studio are the perfect duo. When I discovered Hydrant, I immediately knew I wanted to partner together. There is nothing on the market that hydrates you with electrolytes and minimal sugar for an active lifestyle. We're in a unique time as our client’s lifestyles have completely shifted, they're still prioritizing health and wellness, but hydration might get overlooked as an important part of this. We wanted to make it as easy as possible to hydrate and feel good so that after you flow, you can tackle your day. We developed our lemon flavor together that tastes like a glass of water with a freshly squeezed lemon wedge. Originally, we were planning to sell Hydrant in single packets in all of our studios, but we’re now selling online in 10 and 30packs for clients to enjoy. 

Y7xHYDRANT packets



How have you approached Y7's classes during a time of social distancing? 

Since March, we closed all of our brick and mortar locations in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. We had to quickly pivot our business strategy and built Y7 Online, a digital platform with on-demand and live classes. 



What are new areas of innovation Y7's explored during the new home-workout world? 

Y7 Online has allowed us to recreate our in-studio workout experience in the homes of our clients anywhere in the world. Y7 Online has also enabled us to test new class formats such as our signature WeFlowHard class in a 30-minute express format, as well as dedicated classes on Mini Burns.



When should I hydrate during a Y7 class? How can Hydrant help out? 

When you’re hydrated, your body temperature is regulated and your joints are lubricated.  Hydrant speeds up and aids the hydration process, allowing your body to perform at its highest level so you can flow hard. It’s best to hydrate before and after a Y7 class. 

pouring hydrant packet in a water bottle



Let's chat wellness and routines. How does routine play into Y7's ongoing mission? 

Y7’s mission is to break down barriers to make yoga inclusive and accessible. Y7 was built on the foundation of routine in our signature 60-minute WeFlowHard class. We flow through three sequences, three times each so that you can go deeper into your practice as you flow through each one. At Y7 heat, music and darkness give you the right environment to find your own balance, and flow at your own speed.



What's the best advice you can give someone about starting out with Y7 and building overall wellness practices into their daily routine? 

Starting small is key, everything is connected and it’s all about what works for you. A daily wellness practice incorporates plenty of self-care, stress relief, and fundamentals like sleep.

Y7xHYDRANT lemon-pouring into a glass of water



What wellness rituals do you swear by? 

Hydrating, stretching, allowing my body to sleep in, yoga, wearing sunscreen, and a ritual that is arguably the most important; being grateful. Writing down a few things you are thankful for can change your brain chemistry, your relationships, and help you sleep better.



When do you flow? 

I am a morning person so 8AM on weekdays is the perfect time to flow or 10AM on weekends.



Besides the new Y7 x Hydrant Lemon flavor, what's your favorite Hydrant? 


Y7xHYDRANT lemon flavor

Ready to hydrate for your next Y7 class? Be sure to check out the collab, Melanie’s favorite, or any other one of our other best-sellers to keep you hydrated!

All photography created by Zach Hagen of Hagen Creative

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