New Product No Added Sugar

New Product: No Added Sugar

You may have seen that we recently launched a new product: No Added Sugar. It’s the same product as our Rapid Hydration Mixes now with no added sugar. We wanted to let you know a little bit more about why we decided to launch this. 

When we created Hydrant, we set out to make the most effective, science-driven hydration possible. We learned a lot and are proud of our signature products. We also heard a lot from our customers who had different lifestyles, diets, or needs that required the use of less or zero sugar to live their fullest life. 

We want to empower our customers to live their fullest and feel their best always through our hydration products, and recognized that many customers needed a no added sugar option to do this. 

So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. 

Hydrant No Sugar - Pink Grapefruit and Lemonade

Our No Added Sugar product still has all of the balanced electrolytes, hypotonic osmolality, and great taste as our core products, just without any added sugar. It still pulls on two of the three levers required for proper hydration and will help you meet your hydration and daily wellness goals. You can drink it just like you would one of our other Hydrant products (both flavors, Pink Grapefruit and Lemonade, have no caffeine). And like all of our products, our No Added Sugar includes no artificial sweeteners, stevia, or synthetic colors. 

No matter your diet or lifestyle, we believe you should have access to the most effective, science-backed hydration possible, and we’re here to give you that. In our delicious debut flavors of Pink Grapefruit and Lemonade, we’re excited to introduce this to the market. 

You haven’t heard the last from us, and we’re already working on some more ideas to keep bringing you new hydration products. Have an idea for a new flavor? Let us know here

We wouldn’t be here without you, our amazing community, thank you for letting us do what we love. Stay hydrated out there! 


John and Jai

PS—Have any thoughts or questions? Get in touch with your feedback.

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