the importance of drinking water

What are the benefits of drinking water?

We all know we should drink more water. We hear this advice from our moms, our coaches, and our health gurus. Suggestions of how much you should drink can vary, with the 10-cups-per-day or the one-gallon-per-day rules standing out as particularly common guidelines. Whatever the rule, most people appreciate that drinking more water is a key to a healthy lifestyle.

But, as with many aspects of life, taking control is difficult if you don’t have the motivation or know what’s at stake. Therefore, understanding the reasons why increasing your water intake is such a smart move is essential for anybody struggling to satisfy daily hydration recommendations.

Here are 10 benefits that will make you think twice about skipping water.



#1. Drinking Water to Lose Weight

Losing weight and staying in shape are huge incentives for incorporating any change. Increasing your water intake is proven to be the starting point of any successful healthy eating plan – it’s also great for your exercise routines, but we’ll get to that later.

drinking water to lose weight

Tap water has 0 calories, making it the perfect way to suppress your appetite before a meal. Drinking a glass before eating may help control portion sizes by decreasing your stomach’s immediate capacity for food. Additionally, the psychological rewards of drinking more water can spur you to avoid the wrong food choices. After all, gulping down a refreshing glass of ice cold water may spark a salad craving, but we all know soda pairs all too well with extra fries.

A lot of people mistake thirst for hunger, which is why it’s always worth drinking a glass of water when you feel a little peckish. Wait 15 minutes and you may find that your perceived hunger has vanished.



#2. Drinking Water Helps Increase Brain Power & Prevent Headaches

The human body is made up of over 60% water, and the brain over 70%. These are facts that most people know, yet the vast majority still don’t connect that water consumption and brain activity go hand in hand.

Studies have shown that as little as a 2% dehydration level may affect motor and memory skills, and can potentially cause additional neurological issues. Drinking water may not immediately relieve some of these issues—namely headaches and migraines—but has been shown to significantly reduce symptoms.

The sage advice to “feed your mind” may be a reminder to most to pick up a book every so often, but we like to think of it as a reminder to eat well and drink plenty of water, too.



#3. Boost Your Digestive System by Drinking Water

drinking water weight loss

Digestive problems are often caused by food choices, but you should not rule out the possibility that insufficient water consumption could be the source of your problems. Water helps break down your food, which helps your digestive system stay regular and running.

It’s also worth noting that breaking down food with greater efficiency can also help you absorb various nutrients. Drinking more water is also shown to boost the immune system, boosting your overall health. 


#4. Drinking Water Helps Prevent Painful Kidney Stones

On a similar note, drinking more water is key to healthy organ function. The kidneys are particularly vulnerable to distress when you’re dehydrated; consistent dehydration is one of the causes of kidney stone formation.

Drinking more water leads to passing more urine, which dilutes the crystallized minerals. This prevents them from becoming kidney stones. Or at the very least slows their growth. Given that 10.6% of males can develop kidney stones at some stage, it’s clear that drinking more water should be a priority shared by millions. Plus, we can all agree that drinking a glass of water is less painful than passing mineral crystals.


#5. Improve Your Skin by Drinking Water

drinking water benefits for skin

Drinking water has benefits for your skin. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, so it should hardly surprise you to learn that improper water consumption can lead to dermatology problems, cosmetic or otherwise. Dehydrated skin may become dry, blotchy, and flaky, and is generally more prone to wrinkling.

Unfortunately, your skin and hair are usually the last body parts to benefit from water consumption. If you want to enjoy the benefits of smooth, hydrated skin, it’s essential that you get enough water. Otherwise, you’re going to keep falling victim to the same skin problems.

Skin hydration through the use of moisturizers and lotions isn’t enough. Good skin starts with good hydration.


#6. Drinking Water Increases Work Productivity

Most employers spend thousands of dollars attempting to maximize productivity. Likewise, any employee with aspirations of achieving greatness will invest heavily in ways to unlock their best productivity levels. In truth, staying hydrated with increased water intake is the smartest (and cheapest!) move of all.

benefits of drinking water in the morning

Dehydration is a major productivity killer. In fact, a 1-2% drop off can reduce productivity by 12% while a 4% drop in hydration can cut it in half. This is why an increasing number of companies, freelancers, and contractors are beginning to pay more attention to establishing a drinking policy. And by “drinking policy” we don’t mean the happy hour, we mean water cooler hour.

Good hydration translates to increased energy, morale, and alertness. If that doesn’t bring increased productivity, nothing will.



#7. Drink Water and Improve Physical Performance

You never see a professional athlete perform without hydrating before, during, and after the event. There’s a good reason for this. Not only does proper hydration promote a clearer mind for sharper focus, but it can also give you the extra edge to unlock your true potential on a physical level.

It’s not uncommon to lose 10% of fluids through sweat during physical exercise. That’s why replacing fluids is vital to avoiding sluggishness. Just don’t forget to also replace the electrolytes lost to sweat. Using a rehydration formula like Hydrant is imperative to peak performance in these situations.

When you stay properly hydrated, physical activities are easier on the body and mind.




#8. Drinking Water Fights Hangovers

drinking water after hangover

 Hangovers are horrible. Fact.

The diuretic properties of alcohol mean that your body loses more water than it gains from drinking. Drinking more water before, during, and after drinking (especially if you plan to binge) may help eliminate the symptoms of hangovers.

As a benchmark, try to drink water after every two pints of beer or glasses of wine. Then have one more glass just before bed. It won’t leave you completely free of hangover symptoms, but it may reduce their impact.



#9. Drinking Water Prevents Bad Breath

Suffering from bad breath is one of the most embarrassing health conditions. While improving your oral hygiene and watching your food choices may help, it’s important to consider the impact of dehydration alone on bad breath. (In truth, it probably plays a role in hangover breath too.)

Drinking water helps flush food particles away and prevent tongue dryness. When you are properly hydrated, there’s enough saliva in your mouth to prevent bacteria from growing at a rapid rate. (The more they grow, the more they produce malodor!) When you’re dehydrated your body is less able to neutralize odor-causing bacteria. So, before reaching for the gum, try reaching for the tap.



#10. Drink Water and Save Money

The benefits of drinking more water aren’t restricted to the physical and mental rewards. Financial rewards are on offer too—and not only because your productivity will improve as a result of staying hydrated. If you want to save money, water is your best friend.

Bottles of water are pretty cheap while tap water (even with juice or your favorite Hydrant powder) is even cheaper. This will save a lot of money compared to your daily trip to Starbucks. Not to mention the savings of skipping a few drinks on your night out.

Now you have more to spend on enjoying your improved lifestyle. Drinking more water truly is a life-changing upgrade. Now is the time to act. Go grab a glass of water.

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