60 Second Pickleball Lessons - Curing the Yips

Welcome back to our 60 Second Lessons - quick weekly tips to keep you healthy and improve your pickleball game.

Today's 60 Second Lesson is by Lee Whitwell, she's the Director of  Pickleball at Widgi Creek as well as a Pro PPR clínican and she plays for Team Head, coming to us from Bend, Oregon.

Lee is showing a quick fix for the yips on your serve - yips happen, just remember this basic lesson to shake it off: don't look to see where the ball is going, but turn your focus to your side of the court. That's what you can control.

Key Takeaways:

  • Watch the contact point on your paddle
  • See the ball hit your paddle & push your thumb to where you want the ball to go
  • Focus on what you're doing, not where the ball lands

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