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We're John and Jai, co-founders of Hydrant.
Our journey started when both us (John, a scientist,
and Jai, a finance consultant) were trying to solve
the same problem on opposite sides of the US.
After a friend connected us, the rest is history.

 real fruit juice powder  backed by science  no artificial sweeteners or stevia  balanced electrolyte boost  real fruit juice powder  backed by science  no artificial sweeteners or stevia  balanced electrolyte boost  real fruit juice powder  backed by science  no artificial sweeteners or stevia  balanced electrolyte boost
4 hydrant sticks

The problem

dehydration, the hidden foe

Everyday for both of us was plagued by classic burnout—frequent headaches, lack of focus, and low energy. Without knowing it, dehydration had reared its ugly head and controlled our every move. Gallons of water we chugged at our respective jobs couldn’t save us. We needed a new hero.

John and Jai

The hero

electrolytes, suit up

What do you do when your back’s against the wall? You get to work. Jai dropped out of business school, invested his tuition money, and John threw on his lab coat and experimented to launch our first flavor of Hydrant. And we haven't stopped since. Take that dehydration.

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5/5 rating

"I am constantly running with 3 kids & on my feet solving problems left & right for 40+ hours a week at work. I try to drink a ton of water daily but it just didn’t seem to cut it. Enter this stuff...after 1 week of drinking a minimum of 2 packs daily...I feel great! I honestly didn’t realize I was that dehydrated. My skin feels better, not dry or tight, my head is clearer & I feel like I am super productive since starting to drink this. It tastes great too!"



woman showing 3 hydrant sticks
5/5 rating

“I started to replace my afternoon cup of coffee with the caffeinated Hydrant and I love it. You get a nice perk up without any jitters and feel great because you’re hydrating yourself instead of dehydrating!"


Raspberry Lemonade

woman holding a glass of Hydrant mix
5/5 rating

"I hate water but since finding Hydrant I drink nothing else. And even when I try to drink a soda or juice, whatever, it doesn't taste good anymore which then gets me to drink more water!! I feel so much better, more energy, more focus, my skin looks more hydrated, and my overall health just feels brighter and more vibrant.”


Immunity elderberry stick


Lemon Lime Hydrant stick with Lemon and Lime

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Build a routine focused on hydration, daily performance, and mental wellbeing. Whatever use, location, or need you have, we’ve got your back with a science-backed product to help you achieve and feel your best.