What to drink when you’re sick to get better faster
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What to Drink When You’re Sick to Get Better Faster

It's no secret that you need to keep your body hydrated to live a healthy life. But why do doctors stress the importance of hydration during sickness? Does water clear away the virus and bacteria in your body? Absolutely yes!


Now the question arises: What should you drink in sickness to get better? Is water enough? We have listed the most effective drinks you can try out when suffering from a cold, sore throat, bad stomach, or tiredness. Let's dive in!



Importance of staying hydrated during sickness


The oft-repeated advice about drinking plenty of fluids holds immense importance, not only in health but also when you’re sick.


When you've got a cold, flu, bad stomach, diarrhea, or any other disease, you lose water in the form of excessive sweating, mucous production, or vomiting. Drinking enough water will keep you from dehydrating yourself and exacerbating the sickness. You will recover faster when your water reserves are full! [1]


During cold, a moist mucous cell membrane will fight off the foreign bacteria. Moisture eases nasal inflammation so you can breathe easily. Moreover, water cools down your body temperature, takes down a high fever, and regulates blood pressure [2, 3].



What to drink when sick with a cold, flu, and sore throat?


The first answer is, obviously, plain water. Water contains no sugars, caffeine, or chemicals that could worsen your condition. In fact, water is far and away the safest choice when you're sick [4]. But it's easy to get bored and stop drinking enough. You can always go for more palatable beverages that offer even more benefits to your body. A few great options:


 hot lemon water


Water with lemon


Hot water with lemon is the best way to soothe your nasal passages and ease the congestion. Lemon has vitamin C that boosts your immune system and shortens the duration of the cold [5]. In addition, lemon in water heals wounds faster, provides antioxidant properties, and improves bowel movement and a person's metabolism [6].


Water with honey 


Honey in a hot cup of water will provide just the right sweetness to your taste buds. Not only will it help with the itchy throat, cold, and flu but also suppress coughing and clear the airways. Research shows that honey has the same healing power as dextromethorphan, a chemical found in cough suppressants [7]. Why take medicines when you can treat yourself naturally?




Coffee is a diuretic, and you need to keep yourself hydrated during sickness. The best way to counter this is by trying a decaf, which has just enough caffeine to fulfill your craving and help you get a restful sleep at night.


Decaffeinated tea or coffee has a positive effect on flu and cold [8].


Broths and Soups


Broths and soups have the essential nutrients and salts that can strengthen your immune system and provide hydration during your sick days. Try out different flavored broths made of your favorite type of meat, vegetables, and fruits.


Clear broths are light on the stomach, relieve nausea and rehydrate the body [9]. Many veggies like tomato, pepper, capsicum, carrots, and olives contain tons of nutrients that can help with digestion and ease bowel movement [10].


What makes this option more appealing is the fact that it’s a complete meal and not just a drink.


Fresh juices


Next up is fruit juice, but not the kind you get in stores packaged in cartons. We are talking about fresh and natural juice free of preservatives.


Fresh juice of apple, carrot, berries, oranges, and lemons can boost your immunity and keep you hydrated during sickness.


Studies have shown that diluted apple juice helps relieve the symptoms of gastroenteritis in children, and it’s preferred over electrolytes in some cases [11]. In a separate study, white grape juice was found to have the best combination of nutrients for fast recovery [2].


Herbal tea


Herbal teas are another great option to alleviate cold symptoms and replenish the lost minerals. You can choose from a plethora of teas such as chamomile, elderberry, ginger, peppermint, hibiscus, turmeric, and echinacea, each of which has immense benefits to offer during cold and flu [12].


Apple cider vinegar


Apple cider vinegar mixed in hot water can kill the infection-causing bacteria and lower your fever. Many studies prove that apple cider vinegar contains essential chemicals that boost immunity and help ease influenza [13].



What to drink when you have nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting?


Nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting can cause severe dehydration if not treated well. In extreme cases, it's advisable to seek medical attention immediately. In addition to plain water, you can try out the following drinks to relieve your stomach sickness.


Ginger tea


Ginger is your best pal during gastrointestinal sickness. It can help with bloating, indigestion, stomach cramps and bowel movement. In addition, it significantly reduces the symptoms of nausea and vomiting [14].


If you’re not a fan of teas, you can always try out ginger beer to fight off symptoms of fatigue and tiredness. The name has “beer” in it, but it’s a non-alcoholic beverage.


coconut water


Coconut water


Coconut water is full of vitamins and minerals such as carbohydrates, fibers, calcium, potassium and magnesium, to name a few. It helps with digestion and diarrhea symptoms. A word of caution: too much coconut water can have the opposite effect and worsen your diarrhea [15]!




Kombucha is an excellent source of probiotics that improve gut health and aid in proper digestion. A nice cup of kombucha can alleviate bloating and stomach aches [16].




Nothing beats Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS) when it comes to treating diarrhea. It’s in the “WHO Model List of Essential Medicines” and has proven to reduce the number of diarrhea-related deaths in kids [17, 18].


ORS is a sugar and electrolyte solution, available in numerous flavors and packed with salts to provide a fast recovery. This combination of essential minerals helps better the absorption of fluids in the body.


Golden water


It’s surprising how nature itself gives us the remedy for many of our problems. Many roots and herbs host tons of nutrients that can help build our immune system, fight off inflammation, and relieve nausea.


The golden water recipe includes ginger, turmeric, cayenne, lemon, and honey [19]. It has many nutrients that can jump-start your recovery and elevate your mood.




Your body can’t feel well without the antioxidants. Thankfully we have many herbs that are just packed with them! Sage leaves are native to the Mediterranean and have a long history of medicinal uses. Add it to a soup or any meal if you want to get instant relief from nausea [20].



What to drink when you feel tired and fatigued?


Dehydration is often the number one cause of fatigue during the day. Yes, drinking plain water is an obvious solution, but there are other options that can boost your energy levels much faster.


Electrolyte drinks


When you expel fluids due to vomiting, diarrhea, and even extreme sweating, it’s not just water that you lose. Many essential electrolytes, minerals, and salts also leave your body. Fortunately, electrolytic drinks have all the important minerals you need to get your energy back.


If you feel under the weather, our Hydrate mix is already a great choice. It’s loaded with beneficial electrolytes like magnesium, sodium, and zinc that can quickly boost your mood and energy. But if you want extra immunity support, we got you covered. With a delicious mix of Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, and D, our Immunity line will go the extra mile for your immune system!




Lemonade is one of the few drinks that can instill pure freshness as well as give you a dose of vitamin C that can instantly relieve your sense of fatigue. However, avoid adding sugar as it can reverse the energy-boosting effect and may cause a sugar crash.



What drinks to avoid when you’re sick?


Not all drinks are beneficial for you during sickness, as some can even cause more harm than good. Here is a list of drinks you should avoid when sick.




Drinking is a big NO-NO when you are sick. Alcohol is a diuretic that leaves you dehydrated, which is the opposite of what you want while having symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea [21].


Moreover, it negatively affects your immune system. A weaker immune system means your body will require more time to heal itself [22]. So, avoid drinking alcohol until you feel better.




Drinking your average cup of joe might not be a good idea while you’re sick, as it can increase intestinal contractions and make nausea worse [23]. It’s better not to strain your gut. Instead, you can drink other, healthier alternatives such as chicory, matcha, or yerba mate.


Sugar beverages


It includes all the sugary fluids like sodas, sports drinks, and juices. Carbonated sodas may relieve symptoms of nausea for a short while, but the sugar content in them is hard for the guts to digest. Try less sugary drinks like diet sodas instead.


shakes and smoothies 

Dairy drinks


The number one concern with dairy is lactose intolerance. It’s better to avoid smoothies, shakes, and other dairy products that may trigger nausea and even vomiting [23].  



Final words


It’s important to keep yourself hydrated while being sick. Fortunately, there are tons of options at your disposal, each with its benefits. Try out the ones you prefer! If the feeling of nausea persists, consult your doctor for an expert opinion.





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