60 Second Pickleball Lesson - Activate your pickleball muscles

60 Second Pickleball Lesson - Activate your pickleball muscles

Welcome to your weekly 60 Second Lesson! In this morning's lesson, Lee Whitwell is sharing some great (and quick) mobility stretches to always do before you play.

Often, we hop out of the car and get straight to playing. Make a routine of spending 3 minutes doing these dynamic stretches to activate your pickleball muscles!  

Activating these muscles will help increase blood flow and create a mind-body connection, so your muscles are ready to go when you call on them mid-play!

  • Chest openers - this helps warmup your chest and shoulders to activate your dinking muscles. Sideways and 45 degree angles
  • Trunk Twist - warms up the hips and torso so you can put full body power into your contact
  • Squats will activate the glutes, hamstrings and quads and increase your ability to react quickly


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