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60 Second Lesson - volley drills, nearly anywhere

Good Morning & welcome back to your weekly 60 Second Pickleball Lessons! We're here to provide tips to improve you game and keep you playing healthy and strong, through quick weekly videos! Before the the lesson, we want to take a minute to thank all of you who entered our pickleball starter pack giveaway! One lucky winner takes home entry to a Never Stop Playing Pickleball Camp, two paddles from Revolin, a pack of balls from CORE, Head shoes, two shirts from Relish, a hand-warming koozie made by Megan Charity, a 3-months supply of Hydrant and a water bottle. Congrats...

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60 Second Lesson - Take the ball out of the air

Welcome back to your weekly 60 Second Lesson! Quick tips to improve you game so you keep playing healthy and strong! Before we dive into the lesson, have you signed up for our Pickleball Giveaway yet? It's all you need to play...Revolin paddles, CORE balls, Head shoes, entry to a Never Stop Playing Pickleball Camp, free Hydrant, shirts by Relish and a really cool hand koozie made by Meg Charity (pickle pro), herself! Get registered here and share it with your friends - the contest ends tonight!  In last last week's lesson, Daniel emphasized contact in front so you can make...

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60 Second Lesson - Contact in front

Welcome back to your weekly 60 Second Lesson! In this today's lesson, Daniel is focusing on the strike zone with advice on form that will help make meaningful contact more often. When you're up on the line, your contact point (strike zone) should always be in front of you - this gives you the best chance for control of the ball.  Highlights: Have you paddle in front of you When the ball comes deeper, move your feet Your contact point shouldn't be in tight It also shouldn't be behind you Contact then recover and reset!   Free Hydrant Today's winner is Melinda W. ...

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60 Second Pickleball Lesson - Activate your pickleball muscles

Welcome to your weekly 60 Second Lesson! In this morning's lesson, Lee Whitwell is sharing some great (and quick) mobility stretches to always do before you play. Often, we hop out of the car and get straight to playing. Make a routine of spending 3 minutes doing these dynamic stretches to activate your pickleball muscles!   Activating these muscles will help increase blood flow and create a mind-body connection, so your muscles are ready to go when you call on them mid-play! Highlights: Chest openers - this helps warmup your chest and shoulders to activate your dinking muscles. Sideways and 45 degree angles...

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60 Second Pickleball Lesson - Hand/Eye Coordination Drills

Welcome to your weekly 60 Second Lesson! Today, Erica is demonstrating a few hand/eye coordination drills that will help develop skills that improve reaction time and allow for more intentional contact with the ball. Read the description below and watch closely, there's no real-time narration on this one! Use a continental grip: the V between your thumb and index finger should go right down the edge of your paddle. Tap the ball on the paddle keeping the ball close to the paddle for control. Try both sides, when you're comfortable, you can rotate side to side after each contact. Then bounce the ball on the...

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60 Second Pickleball Lessons - Fast Feet, for warming up and staying loose

Welcome back to 60 Second Pickleball Lessons! We've been at this for a month and a half now and want to hear from you, so before we dive into this week's lesson, what kind of content do you want to see from this? Today's 60 Second Lesson is by Kevin Walker. Kevin is a rising 5.0 player for Team Onix and Team Hydrant, and comes to us from his backyard in Shephardstown, West Virginia! He calls it 'fast feet', but Kevin can often be seen jumping rope on the side of the pickleball court and here's why: It's a great warmup...

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