60 Second Pickleball Lesson - Hand/Eye Coordination Drills

60 Second Pickleball Lesson - Hand/Eye Coordination Drills

Welcome to your weekly 60 Second Lesson! Today, Erica is demonstrating a few hand/eye coordination drills that will help develop skills that improve reaction time and allow for more intentional contact with the ball. Read the description below and watch closely, there's no real-time narration on this one!

Use a continental grip: the V between your thumb and index finger should go right down the edge of your paddle. Tap the ball on the paddle keeping the ball close to the paddle for control. Try both sides, when you're comfortable, you can rotate side to side after each contact. Then bounce the ball on the court, tap with you paddle then catch in your non dominant hand. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Keep the ball in front of your body, just as you would on the courts while playing. We always want contact out in front!

  • For more of a challenge, try bouncing the ball on the edge of you paddle. How many can you do?
  • Try these eye hand coordination drill while balancing on one foot.
  • Do these anywhere for a convenient way to improve your game!


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