60 Second Pickleball Lesson - Solo Dink Drill

60 Second Pickleball Lesson - Solo Dink Drill

Welcome back to our 60 Second Lessons - quick weekly tips to keep you healthy and improve your pickleball game.

Today's 60 Second Lesson is by Kristen Bellows, she's a pickleball coach and plays professionally for Team Head and Team Hydrant, coming to us from Midway, Utah.

Kristen is demonstrating the solo dink drill. This can be done almost anywhere and will help strengthen your core and legs to improve ball control.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make sure you’re warmed up properly to avoid pulling any muscles

  • Helps ball control, core strength (focus on pulling your belly button in)

  • Bend at your knees, not your back

  • Relax your grip

  • Don’t let your knee fall over your feet

  • Modify by removing the ball or using a softer ball (to make it easier)

  • To make this drill more challenging, use a harder ball, which will challenge the control you have

  • Pick a number of reps that will be challenging you


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