Bachelor Party Gift Ideas
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Bachelor Party Gift Ideas

The Best Bachelor Party Gift Ideas


Bachelor parties are unique experiences in our life. Some bachelors may be up for spending a chill night with their best buddies while binge-watching some movies, while others may want to have a wild night out. If you have a bachelor party coming up, you may need some inspiration to find the best party gift for the groom-to-be. 


Depending on how you decide to party and on the bachelor’s preferences, you may be able to choose from different categories of gifts. Some people may opt for practical gifts, such as a fine bottle of champagne, food, or a party game that you can all play. Others want to offer something fun and useful, such as a hangover kit. You can even opt for a fun gift that will help the new couple in their new journey after tying the knot.


It’s important to keep in mind that it’s not mandatory to bring a gift if you go to a bachelor party, but it may show good manners to do so.


Below, we’ll offer you some ideas to inspire you and help you choose a memorable bachelor party gift.



Fun and Memorable Bachelor Party Gift Ideas


bachelor party gift ideas


If your groom-to-be has a sense of humor, these gifts may be exactly what you need to break the ice. However, make sure your bachelor will enjoy such a gift, as you probably don’t want to create an awkward situation!


Marriage Survival Custom-Made Kit


You’ll surely earn some extra points for thoughtfulness if you’ll help your bachelor with a marriage survival kit. This can contain a mix of funny and practical items. Here are some ideas:


  • Discount coupons for shops, spas, or other places that’ll help your bachelor defuse a tight situation with his soon-to-be spouse. Maybe he forgets to take the trash out, leaves the shopping list at home, or simply wants to surprise his partner!
  • Chocolate – what’s better than an invitation to a spa or a fun shopping session? Some chocolate to enjoy right after! You can add a combination of chocolate and candies, so he can have some on hand when needed.
  • Earplugs – you never know when you need some! Maybe his sweetheart snores or maybe he just wants to disconnect from the world.
  • Painkillers for headaches – now there will be no more excuses!
  • A chapstick – so his lips will always be hydrated and ready for kissing.
  • Candles – to set up a romantic atmosphere.


Create a Funny Video/Photo Collage


If the bachelor is one of your close friends – or even best friend – you can create something unique and memorable: put together some of his funniest or “embarrassing” photos. The purpose would be to entertain your bachelor, so it’s best to leave out some materials that would be too much to show in front of everyone else. 


Couple Games & Items



There are lots of games on the market to choose from, starting from “dirty” dice to games with questions or fun challenges for couples. Depending on how intense you want the games to be, you can find them in your nearby supermarket or adult stores. For a light gift, you could opt for games based on questions that will help the new couple get to know each other even better, or questions to have fun on a date night. 


Personalized Marriage Coupons


Whether you buy them or make them yourself, your bachelor may end up being very grateful for this gift. These could range from sexy love coupons to spice things up to funny coupons to entertain his spouse, or even a coupon book for date nights, so he can keep his relationship fresh with new date ideas.



Practical and Useful Bachelor Party Gift Ideas


Hangover Custom-Made Kit


Even if your party will contain a moderate amount of drinks, your bachelor will most likely need a hangover kit after the wedding party! This is one of those ideas that your buddy will surely be very thankful for. Some options to include in the kit:


  • Pain reliever;
  • Stomach-soothing Pepto-Bismol tablets or a similar reliever;
  • A hydrating drink mix to replenish his electrolyte levels, fight hangover, and avoid dehydration symptoms;
  • Chewing gum or breath strips to refresh a dry mouth;
  • No one looks fresh while having a hangover, but adding a dry shampoo to the kit will help your bachelor impress his partner in no time!
  • A pair of sunglasses to avoid the unpleasant bright sunlight;
  • A chapstick to keep his lips hydrated.


Classic Fun Games 


You can easily find lots of party games that you can all enjoy during the bachelor party. Some ideas include party drinking games, such as beer pong, king's cup (with cards), drunk Jenga, and many more. 


drunk Jenga game


Some games, like the shot glass roulette, can be purchased, while others like beer pong may not need much prepping (but don’t forget the beer!).


Personalized Items


Personalized items are a classic, as they will help your bachelor remember the party for a long time to come. You can personalize a t-shirt, hoodie, a keychain, or a hat with a fun quote or something that will bring back fun memories. If your bachelor has any hobbies – such as sports, you can choose relevant items to personalize. 


Some other interesting and practical items you could personalize include:


  • A pocket knife;
  • A lighter (for smokers);
  • A whiskey set with shots;
  • A flask; 
  • A beard care kit;
  • Bachelor party decorations (if not supplied already);
  • A bachelor sash to wear during the whole party and announce his new title!


A Bottle of Alcohol


One of the classiest bachelor party gifts – and perhaps any other party gift – is to bring along a bottle of your bachelor’s favorite alcohol. If you don’t know him well enough, you can ask around and see what’s his favorite booze. 


bottle of alcohol for the bachelor


You may also accompany the drink with some party-friendly snacks that go well with the type of booze you chose. For instance, you can mix vodka with sour treats, champagne with Hershey kisses, pretzels with beer, or balance out your Scotch with caramel popcorn.


Gift Cards


A gift card is always welcome, especially when you are about to get married. You can choose a barbershop gift card if you know the groom’s favorite location, which will surely be very useful right before the wedding. In the end, his soon-to-be spouse is not the only one who needs to look crisp!


A restaurant gift card may also be highly appreciated. The bachelor can take his spouse on a romantic night out, or maybe he can use it with his friends. 


For more general use, you can offer a visa gift card. The bachelor can choose how to use it – whether it is to cover some of the wedding expenses, buy a gift for his spouse, or buy something for himself. 


A Coffee Set


Most people love coffee, and this set may prove to be very useful if you want to stay up all night long partying. Consider putting together a coffee gift set that includes various types of coffee and perhaps even a press coffee maker. For a more special gift, you can buy a coffee box subscription that you can pre-pay, so your bachelor can enjoy a customizable coffee box for several months. 


Portable Campfire


If your bachelor loves the outdoors, you have plenty of opportunities to surprise him with a very practical and useful gift. A portable campfire can be taken anywhere, and any outdoor enthusiast would love one for sure.



How to Choose the Right Gift for a Bachelor?


Some people may not easily find the right gifts. To make sure your gift is as memorable as possible, here are some tips:


  • Don’t pick gifts that may have a negative connotation, such as self-help books; a bachelor party is a fun and happy occasion for everyone, so it’s best to opt for funny gifts or practical ones instead. 
  • Find out what the bachelor likes, so you won’t end up buying a personalized ashtray for a non-smoker or a bottle of alcohol for someone who doesn’t drink. Ask around if you don’t know the person very well, or ask your friends for suggestions. 
  • Be mindful of quotes or personalized items. The sayings you want to engrave may sound funny to you but may seem offensive to someone else. If in doubt, you can always ask a friend’s opinion of whether your gift idea is suitable for the bachelor or not. 
  • Avoid personal hygiene products as they could be offensive in some cases. 



Bottom Line


If you have a bachelor party around the corner, you may decide to bring a gift to surprise the soon-to-be groom. Although it’s not a must, many people offer bachelor party gifts. These could range from funny toys and games that the groom could use with his sweetheart to an interesting kit that will help him survive the hangover after the wedding party.


Tying the knot is an important moment in anyone’s life. If you want your gift to be truly memorable, choose something that the groom will use or has a special meaning to him. If you don’t know the bachelor very well, you can always ask around and see what his hobbies and passions are. 

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