Signs You Need Probiotics
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Signs You Need Probiotics

Did you know that many common health problems like depression and poor skin health often stem from poor digestive health? There’s an entire ecosystem of “good” digestive bacteria in your body that ensures optimal digestive health, but when that ecosystem is disrupted, your overall health suffers. Taking probiotic supplements improves your digestive health and may alleviate many of these conditions. Of course, you want to be sure you need them, so here are the signs you need probiotics. 



The importance of probiotics


Improved digestive health

Probiotics improve your digestive system by countering digestion issues. For example, a 2019 study noted that probiotics helped lactose-intolerant people with milk digestion, although some probiotics were more effective than others.  [1] Other research also indicates that probiotics assist in relieving both diarrhea [2] and constipation by regulating water and nutrient loss. [3]

Probiotics are especially beneficial for older people since they suffer from digestive problems more frequently. Another health benefit of probiotic consumption is that probiotics can help with lower pain, gas, and bloating among patients with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease).[4] Overall, regularly consuming a healthy amount of probiotics has proven long-term digestive health benefits. [5]


Improved mental health

According to several studies, poor mental health can often be caused by malfunctioning digestive systems among other causes. [6] Specifically, it’s been found that supplementing probiotics like Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium for one to two months results in decreased anxiety and depression along with improved memory function. Probiotics are not a solution for mental health problems; they only have a strong positive effect on your mental health via improving your digestive health.


improved mental health and focus



Improved immune system

A strong immune system ensures that your body efficiently defends against infections and diseases. Probiotics assist your immune system by promoting the production of natural antibodies and immune cells like T lymphocytes. One study indicates that probiotics actively reduce the chances of urinary [7] and respiratory infections. [8] Again, probiotics are not a substitute for clinical medicine, but they can boost your body’s overall health.



Health signs you need probiotics


getting sick too often


The biggest signs that you need probiotics are all health-related deficiencies.


Poor skin health

Digestive diseases often contribute to poor skin health or dehydrated skin. If you have poor skin health, it’s a sign you also possibly have a poor digestive system. Probiotics balance your digestive system, reversing previous skin damage caused by a poor digestive system.


Mood swings

Several mood disorders like depression, anxiety, and irritability can be caused by poor gut health, specifically from a lack of good bacteria in your digestive system. Supplementing probiotics will reintroduce good bacteria to your gut and improve your digestive system, which will raise your mood.


Recent food poisoning incident(s)

Food poisoning often mass exterminates the good bacteria in your gut and replaces them with bad bacteria. For this reason, many people complain of poor digestive health even after recovering from a food poisoning incident. Probiotic supplementation can reverse the effects of food poisoning.


Repeated sickness

Lack of good bacteria weakens your immune system, leaving you more susceptible to diseases and infections. If you find yourself getting sick too often, your bad digestive health may be why. Taking a probiotic supplement would help improve your immune system.


Food allergies

Leaky gut syndrome, the persistent leaking of bacteria and toxins from your digestive tract to the bloodstream [9], is one of the biggest signs you need probiotics. Leaky gut syndrome is responsible for many food allergies, and it stems from a reduction of good bacteria. Probiotic supplementation can reduce inflammation caused by food allergies.


A slow metabolism

Studies indicate that overweight individuals have the smallest digestive bacteria variety [10]. A healthy digestive ecosystem is vital to maintaining a healthy metabolism and living an active lifestyle. Consuming probiotics and fiber-rich food is highly recommended if you suffer from a generally slow metabolism.


Recently taken antibiotics

Antibiotics kill large quantities of digestive bacteria in your body to combat illnesses. Unfortunately, many of the good digestive bacteria are also killed after consuming antibiotics, which is why most people have a weaker immune system post-taking antibiotics. After taking antibiotics, taking probiotics would help replenish the good digestive bacteria population.



Lifestyle Signs


inactive lifestyle


If you suffer from a slow metabolism, cardiac issues, or frequent vaginal problems, it’s another sign that you would probably benefit from probiotic supplementation.


Inactive lifestyle

Probiotics boost your metabolism, help counter obesity and decrease chronic lethargy. When your metabolism improves through probiotics, you’ll feel full longer and burn more calories when exercising, which will decrease your weight faster. Some probiotics even prevent intestinal dietary fat absorption, preventing you from gaining more weight. Another benefit is that probiotic supplementation increases the production of hormones like GLP-1, which encourages you to engage in active behavior.

A 210 participant study discovered that consumption of even small doses of Lactobacillus for 12 weeks resulted in 8.5% belly fat reduction for participants. [11] If you want a more active lifestyle, probiotic supplementation could improve your metabolism and help you stay more active.


Cardiac problems

High blood pressure and cardiac arrest are two of the most common heart-related issues most people face nowadays. Both of these conditions are at least partially caused by high levels of LDL, the “bad” cholesterol. Probiotics help improve your heart health by decreasing LDL levels in your body, preventing your blood pressure from rising too high. In the long-term, regularly consuming probiotics could help prevent you from suffering from high blood pressure or cardiac arrest, helping you live a longer and healthier life.


Poor vaginal health

Vaginas naturally host thousands of microorganisms including useful bacteria. Disturbances to this ecosystem result in conditions like bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection. According to some scientists [12], probiotic supplements can help restore vaginal bacteria populations. If you suffer from frequent vaginal conditions, it’s one of the biggest signs you need probiotics.



Probiotic supplementation has many long-term benefits ranging from improving your metabolism to helping your mental health. Of course, probiotics can’t cure everything. Still, many of the most common modern ailments result from poor digestive health, so consider taking a probiotic supplement if you notice any of these signs.






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